About The Old Guy

Hi, my name is Larry and I love laughing.

I’m a father of six, grandfather of thirteen and married to the best woman in the world…my high school sweetheart.

Throughout my life, I have been called precocious and have always had the talent (or misfortune) of doing or saying something that made my wife say, “Oh My God Larry!”

Now that I’m retired and driving my wife crazy, she suggested I pick up hobby. So, since I love laughing and learning how to use the computer, here I go world!

Being retired, I don’t worry a whole lot about being politically correct, so some of my humor may not sit well with the PC crowd. However, my intent is never to be mean and malicious to any one and I will NOT post X-Rated material.

Remember, your jokes and pieces of humor are good here at OMGLarry. If you run across something funny, please email me the link or content that gave you the giggles.


3 Responses to “About The Old Guy”

  1. Larry –

    Hello – it’s your old buddy Mark from Kansas City (I’m the one who still calls your oldest son “Fred”, in addition to other things that are unprintable).

    I just wanted to say hello and to remind you that you DON’T have to be retired to drive your wife crazy.

    Take ‘er easy


  2. Mark,

    So nice hearing from you and I hope all is well with family. You are absolutely correct, you don’t have to be retired to drive the wife crazy…you just drive them a lot more crazy during retirement.

    As far as Fred (and his other unprintable alias’), he tells me you doing are doing well. Remember not to forget us little people.

    Again take care and tell my son to call his mother. Wait he does…us old guys just try to find something to complain about.


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